Nov 29, 2023

|29th Paila: SISNE GAUPALIKA, RUKUM PURBA 29-30th November 2023

29th Paila: SISNE GAUPALIKA, RUKUM PURBA 29-30th November 2023

Ek Ek Paila organized a two-day surgical and medical camp in Sisne, Rukum on 29th Nov - 30th Nov 2023. This marks the inaugural camp of a series of five, part of an annual commitment for the next five years by Ek Ek Paila. Over the course of these two days, Ek Ek Paila foundation provided ENT, Ophthalmology and dental services to 791 individuals. In terms of departments, the camp catered to a specific number of patients and conducted diverse medical procedures.


  • Total consultations: 538 
  • Cataract surgery: 84
  • Pterygium excision:2


  • Total consultations: 305
  • 34 ear surgeries/procedures
  • Tympanoplasty - 3
  • Myringoplasty-7
  • De-waxing- 18
  • FB ear removal – 3
  • Minor surgery-3


  • Total consultations:151
  • Dental extractions :186


29th Paila Members 

Dr. Shishir Pokharel -ENT

Dr. Bijay Kharel -ENT

Jamuna Rai -ENT Nurse 

Samjhana Pandit -ENT Nurse 

Dr. Rubina Suwal - Dental surgeon

Dr. Alok Sagtani -Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Usha Thapa- Dental Hygienist

Ashok Pandey- LOGISTICS

Ashish Bhattarai -LOGISTICS

Rapti Eye Team

Dr. Suresh Rasaily - Ophthalmologist 

Rohit Kadayat -Ophthalmic assistant

Bimal Ghimire -Ophthalmic assistant

Samikshya Chaudhary -Assist

Tulasa Oli -Assist

Santosh Sharma -Lab

Jeewan Thapa -Maintenance

Man Bahadur Oli -Driver/Runner

Cheduram Chaudhary -Driver/Runner

Bijeta Chaudhary - Sterilization assist

Bijeta Chaudhary- Reporting/Account