A not for profit clinic

Community Health Center

Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

Ek Ek Paila is a not for profit organization comprising of a group of likeminded Nepalese volunteers (medical doctors, paramedics and friends) that have come together to deliver free health services in rural areas of Nepal.


Over the years, people from the rural areas of the country have migrated to Kathmandu city for an economically sustainable life. However, the high costs of living and lack of job opportunities have led people to live in poverty. 


As an extension to the outreach activities, the organization aims to establish a not for profit community health clinic in Kathmandu to address the needs of these residents.


The community health clinic will be established by the help of 50 founding members that have generously donated towards the clinic. A home belonging to one of the founding members has been provided for the purpose. The clinic will be located in the center of the city.


The clinic aims to provide affordable multi subspecialty health care. The clinic will adopt a novel model of management, which will help become a self-sustaining health center in the future. It also aims to promote volunteerism in the community.


We are happy to have Vianet Communication as our ISP at community clinic.