1st Paila, 30 May 2015.

1st Paila, 30 May 2015. Chanaute, Sindhupalchowk

  • May 30 15

Our 1st Paila took us to Chanaute in Sindhupalchowk district. Indrawati river flows 11kms above Melamchi, and by its banks we provided the health service. There were 451 patients that attended the clinic and a total of 686 cross consultations were done. Apart from providing multidisciplinary health care, we also distributed amenities such as Hygiene and Dignity Kits - which included soaps, shampoo, and sanitary napkins. We distributed shows, mosquito nets, medicines and installed a mobile toilet for the area. Arrangements were made fo various patients that were referred for free treatment in hospitals: Dhulikhel General Hospital for dental treatment, Tilganga Eye Hospital for cataract surgery, and a heart surgery was offered for a 12-year-old child with heart disease at Gangalal Heart Hospital free of cost.

Camp Report:

Total Consultations (686) : Eye-169, Dental-97, Skin-70, ENT-36, Gynae-58 and Gen Med - 256. 


Doctors (10)  :  Dr Jyotindra Sharma, Dr Kunjan Acharya, Dr Suman Thapa, Dr Bhupesh Shakya,   Dr Neil Pande, Dr Sudhamshu KC, Dr Subodh Dhakal, Dr Sabeena Bhattarai, Dr Sapana Amatya Vaidya and Dr Ganesh Parajuli.

Nursing and Technicians (6) : Alina Gurung (Pharmacy), Chahana Pande (Pharmacy) and Nabin Bajracharya (Pharmacy), Manju Bista (Counseling), Sabina Rimal and Amrita Malla Thakuri.

Logitics (4) : Prabhakar S Thapa, Ashish Bhattrai, Sekhar Chettri, Prabal Thapa (Structural Assessment).

Volunteers (13) : Bishnu Giri, Krishna G Shrestha, Anil Giri, Meena Deuja, Prakash Shrestha, Anil Shrestha, Rajiv Shah, Srijan Shrestha, Umesh Giri, Chandra Thapa, Pradeep Banjara, Raju Shrestha and Prajwol Aryal.

Major Surgery : 77 Cataracts.

Other Activities: Installation of Mobile Toilet, Distribution of Mosquito Nets and Distribution of Hygiene and dignity kits (soaps and sanitary napkins).

One 12 yr old was diagnosed with a hole in the heart (ASD) and will undergo free heart surgery at Ganglal Hospital; 7 old folks with cataract will undergo free cataract surgery at Tilganga. 70 shows were distributed. Paras Singh for materials for Child Friendly Space. 40 dental patients were referred to.

We would like to thank Sony KC, Alish Shah, Anisha Dhital, Goonj, Army Hospital for the medicines and health aids. Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology for eye medicines. Garima Offset Printers for Stationary. Caribbean College for transport. Lakhi Pande for unconditional support. Nepal Army and Nepal Police for venue management.

Total Consultations: 686 (451 Patients)