11th Paila, 17 Mar 2016.

11th Paila, 17 Mar 2016. Braka Gumba, Halchowk.

  • Mar 17 16

The 11 th chapter took place at home. Kathmandu Valley was one of the places that bore the brunt of the earthquake. Braka Gumba seemed like a place easily accessible from in and around the valley. In a collaboration with the Manang Women Empowerment Group, 11 doctors and a number of members from the group served 315 patients and provided 1275 consultations.

The camp covered a gamut of various services, including dermatology, orthopedics, radiology, ultrasonography, gynecology, dental services, ENT and some more. Basic amenities: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoos, sanitary napkins were distributed. We also provided awareness and counseling on general health and hygiene.

The 11th Ek Ek Paila camp was organized at the Braka Gumba with the support from the Manang Women Empowerment Group on the 17th March. Kathmandu Valley being also one of the Earthquake hit locations, this location was selected to cater to the most affected in and around one of the most affected areas in the Valley.

Total Consultations (1275): Gen Med - 155 (included liver cirrhosis and liver cancer cases), Skin - 110, Ortho - 140, Radiology -120, Gyne- 103 (55 patients for breast cancer and saw an equal number of general surgery cases ) and Dental- 132, Opthalmology -   220, ENT - 70, Pathology - 170 ((75 random sugar, 35 Hemoglobin and 60 Blood urea tests).


Doctors (13): Dr. Sudamshu, Dr Ganesh, Dr Sabina, Dr Raj Rana, Dr Malin, Dr Amit, Dr Sapna, Dr Joyti, Dr Tsering, Dr Priti Shrestha, Dr Archana, Dr Kunjan and Dr Ganesh.

Nurses and Technicians (7): Shree Krishna Mudbari, Satish Shrestha, Sneha, Gita, Sumi, Yojana, Ramesh Neopane and Sanjay.

Logistics (2): Ashish Bhattrai and Prajwal Aryal.


Total Consultations: 1275 (Patients- 315) 

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