2nd Paila, 13 June, 2015.

2nd Paila, 13 June, 2015. Bhadrutar, Nuwakot

  • Jun 13 15

On our second Paila, we survived the bumpy rides to and from the venue of the camp, but it was well worth it! With support from the local Red Cross officials, we served 560 patients (total 786 cross consultations). There were numerous types of illnesses detected such as eye, dental, gynecologic, skin diseases and more. We were also able to offer pregnancy tests on this service. Patients were referred to hospitals for free or subsidized treatments, and awareness on basic health care and hygiene was provided. There was distribution of medicines, spectacles and other hygienic goods similar to the past Pailas.

Camp Report

Of Total 786 cross consultations (560 Patients) : Eye-239 (10 Cataract Referred, 90   90 Specs distributed), Dental - 150 (80 Referred),   Gyne-60 (10 Uterine Prolapse , 3 referred for surgery , 8 pregnancy test 1 positive & 1 polyp), Gen Med- 189 (3 HTN, 3 Ortho, 5 Osteoarthritis and 5 Bloof Sugar Test), Derma-95, ENT-60.


Doctors (11) : Dr Jyotindra Sharma, Dr Subodh Dhakal,   Dr Sudamshu KC,   Dr Ganesh Parajuli, Dr Sapna Amatya Vaidhya,   Dr Kunjan Acharya, Dr Suman Thapa,   Dr Eliz Aryal, Dr Neil Pande,   Dr Bhupesh Shakya & Dr Luna Shrestha.

Nursing and Technician (4)   : Alina Gurung, Amrita Malla, Arun Parajuli and Nabin Nepali.

Logistics (5): Riva Thapa, Prajwol Aryal,   Ashish Bhattrai, Sekhar Chettri and Prabhakar Thapa.

Volunteers (12) : Asha Gurung,  Binayak Pande, Apoorva Thapa,  Min Bdr (Nutrition), Rajat Rana (Nutrition), Kuldeep (Nutrition) Malla (Nutrition), Manju Bista (Children Camp), Lakhi Pande , Shankar Adhikari (Local Volunteers ) , Pradeep Banjara (Local Volunteers) , Mr Chaudhary (Local Volunteers).

We would like to thanks the Local Red Cross Officials , Unilever (for 450 Toothpastes and soaps) and Colgate USA (for 400 high quality Toothbrushes- through Dr Rosi Shrestha Greene).


Total Consultations: 786 (560 Patients)


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