3rd Paila, 31st July 2015.

3rd Paila, 31st July 2015. Bhaise – Sailung, Dolakha

  • Jul 31 15

Due to the heavy rain and poor conditions of the road, we had to travel two days for a one-day clinic. We reached Bhaise, where 656 patients had been waiting for the 14 of us. 1,047 consultations were done and a few of the patients were referred to hospitals. We also provided general awareness on health and hygiene. A large number of spectacles were distributed.

Camp report:

Of total 1047 consultations:   General Medicine - 402 , Eye - 375 , ENT - 93 (19 referred to Teaching hospital) , Radiology & USG - 82, Eye - 26 referred for Cataract surgery,> 200 spectacles distributed) . General Medicine and Radiology - suspected Hepatocellular carcinoma (Liver cancer) referred to Nepal Medical College, many other cases of undetected pregnancy, cholelithiasis and other diseases.

Team :

Doctor (5)Dr Subodh Dhakal,   Dr. Ganesh Parajuli, Dr. Amit Pradhan, Dr. Suman Thapa, Dr. Nabin.

Logitics (2): Ashish Bhattarai and Prajwal Aryal.

Technician (3): Ramesh - Pharmacist, Bidhata Shrestha and  Neeraj Suwal.

Volunteers (4): Sanjay , Samyak KC, Apoorva Thapa and  Dr. Sashi Praetorius.

We would like to thank the George Michael Praetorious Foundation (GMPF) from Germany for the generous donation of a portable ultrasound machine, which has helped strengthen the general medicine service in making accurate diagnoses. This also implies that we now have Radiology service. This would not have been possible without the help of Rita Thapa - founder TEWA and Nagarik Awaaz, who introduced us to the chairperson of the GMPF, a non resident Nepali, Dr. Sashi Praetorius. The foundation has also supported our travel costs along with other friends such as Anita Adhikari (USA), and Sadhana Adhikari. (USA).

Total Consultations - 1047 (656 Patients)