5th Paila,  17-19 September 2015.

5th Paila, 17-19 September 2015. Humde and Chame, Manang

  • Sep 17 15

"We always receive more than we can give" - ​​that's all we have to say about this trip.

This health service was supported by the Manang Women Empowered Group. We conducted our outreach health service in three areas of Manang- Chame, Humde, and Manang.

956 patients were examined in total in the three areas of Manang [Upper Manang, Humbde and Chame]. A total of 2,620 cross consultations were carried out. The ailments ranged from dental, orthopedic and gynecological problems. Ultrasonography and various blood tests were also conducted.

We also promoted general awareness of health and hygiene, and distributed medicines and basic amenities.

Of Total 2342 Consultations : (305 Dental, 367 Eye, 464 Gen med, 179 Skin, 194 Radiology (Ultrasonography), 251 Gen surgery, 280 Ortho, 302 Gyne, 529 Blood tests (hemoglobin, random sugar, urea and uric acid). Number of Patients were 956(336 Manang, 194 Humbde and 426 Chame).


Total Consultations 2,620 (956 Patients)

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